Even the dead get lonely...

While the town gossips and jeers behind her back, ParaNorma lives alone on a hill, listening to the secrets of the dead, never able to reach them. But her isolated life changes forever when the carrion call of a kindred spirit sounds from the heart of a storm. 

The Lady ParaNorma is a beautiful graphic fairytale written and illustrated by Vincent Marcone. The story is bound within an elegant silky hardcover finish containing 74 pages of full colour paintings. 

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5 Fun Facts about the book: 

  • There's a game inside the book! On every page, you may find a cardinal hiding somewhere within the illustration. There are 74 pages and 74 cardinals. Can you uncover each one?

  • The book is based on a short film that toured the international film festival circuit for 2 years! It's now available on youtube for everyone to see. 

  • It's all in the details... Vincent spent 2 years painting and processing the illustrations combining both traditional and digital techniques. Even the font was specifically designed and painted into each spread. 

  • The short film received accolades from Clive Barker, Guillermo Del Toro and Tom Savini!

  • Vincent is known for placing hidden imagery inside of his work. This book is no exception! If you look closely, there are hidden faces and symbols scattered throughout the pages. 

Every person who orders the book will receive a FREE package of digital downloads worth over $30! This will include a digital copy of the award winning short film, music from Johnny Hollow, wallpapers, ringers, coupons and more... 

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About the Author

My Pet Skeleton is the pseudonym for the award­-winning graphic artist Vincent Marcone. Vincent catapulted to early success when his work and online world caught the attention of Guillermo Del Toro, Clive Barker, and the Godfather of Goth himself, Peter Murphy. His work as a graphic artist has earned him international recognition by some of the leading media entities in the field. Vincent has garnered a Juno Award for Best Album Artwork & Design of the Year along with two Interactive Emmys for his creative direction (National Film Board of Canada and the ABC Television Network). He's directed music videos, designed flash games and is also a member of the band Johnny Hollow. This is his very first book. To see more of his work visit MyPetSkeleton.com